News Round-Up: April 16, 2021

Some news items you might have missed:

Instagram: Not everyone is celebrating ‘Bachelor’ star Colton Underwood getting a Netflix series that will follow his new life as an openly gay man after coming out this week. When Attitude Magazine posted the news (above), pop star Adam Lambert chimed in, “No one is feeling this Netflix.” And out former rugby star Keegan Hirst wrote, “Monetising coming out. Oh dear. Not a good look.”

Kenneth-in-the-212: Check out Kenneth’s weekly round-up of the what’s what in LGBTQ publications like this week’s GRAB Magazine featuring singer/songwriter Dodie.

(image via GRAB Magazine)

PBS: A new PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll found two-thirds of Americans (66%) oppose laws that would limit transgender rights. That opposition includes majorities of every political ideology from liberal to conservative and every age group.

CBC: A gym in Quebec City has become one of the largest recorded COVID-19 super-spreading events in Canada as 224 cases have been traced directly to the gym as well as another 356 related cases. The gym owner, a pandemic denier, shared social media posts that questioned the effectiveness of masks and minimized the dangers of COVID-19.

Instinct Magazine: A straight man began sharing pics of his enormous penis on Twitter during the pandemic, and now says he identifies as bisexual following all the attention he garnered from gay followers. “I think if I met the right one, and got to know and like and trust him, I might find the courage to… explore.”

NBC News: A new bill in the Texas Senate aims to redefine child abuse to include parents who consent to hormone therapy and puberty blockers for their transgender children. The legislation would make such acts a felony.

Pink News: A student was caught on video tearing down a Pride flag that hung along a stairwell at Ridgeline High School in Cache County, Utah, on Tuesday. It had been placed by officials to celebrate the school’s Gay Straight Alliance during diversity week, alongside flags from various countries.

UK Man Becomes 1st In The World To Have New Penis ‘Built’ On His Arm

Malcolm MacDonald (screen capture via The Sun)

After losing his penis due to a blood infection, a 45-year-old UK man is the recipient of a new penis being grown on his forearm.

MacDonald, who lives in Norfolk, UK, struggled for years with an infection of his perineum, the area between the anus and testicles. Over time, the infection spread to his fingers and toes causing them to turn black.

Then, one day, he was shocked to see his penis turn black as well.

“It was like a horror film,” MacDonald told The Sun. “I was in a complete panic. I knew deep down it was gone and I was going to lose it.”

“Then one day it just dropped off on to the floor,” he adds. “Because I had been through the devastation of knowing I was going to lose it, I just picked it up and put it in the bin.”

MacDonald, who works as a mechanic, says the best doctors could do for him at the time was “to roll the remaining stump up like a little sausage roll.”

The separated dad-of-two fell into a depression, became a recluse, and began drinking heavily.

In 2016, his doctor referred him to Professor David Ralph, a specialist in phallus reconstruction in residence at University College Hospital in London.

Ralph and his team were able to take skin grafts from MacDonald’s arm and butt to build the new penis along with a vein from his leg for blood flow. During discussions about what the new appendage would look like, MacDonald asked for – and received – an additional two inches.

(Malcolm MacDonald (screen capture)

“They were happy to listen to what I wanted it to be like, which was amazing,” says MacDonald. “Not many can say they have a designer penis.”

The procedure, funded by the NHS, cost £50,000 ($65,000US).

He says when he first saw the penis on his left arm, he felt “so, so proud.” He adds that, like any other man, he “just couldn’t leave it alone” in the beginning – “I thought it was the best thing ever.”

The penis was ‘grown’ over the next two years and in 2018, it was time to transplant the new appendage (that he had nicknamed ‘Jimmy’) to his groin along with a penile implant to help him achieve erections.

But, the final surgery has been postponed numerous times due to illness, transportation, and scheduling mistakes. Last December, he was ready and prepped for the operation but a last-minute staff shortage caused another cancellation.

Then, in April, he was scheduled again for the transplant but the COVID-19 pandemic put the surgery on hold again.

MacDonald tells The Sun he hopes to be able to have the surgery before the end of the year.

“It really feels like it is time to get it off,” admits the 45-year-old. “I can’t run because it waggles about. I can’t go swimming or wear a short-sleeve shirt.”

“I can’t lie, having a penis on your arm for four years is a really strange thing to live with,” adds MacDonald. “But I am determined this penis will be ultimately used for what it was built for.”

(source: The Sun)

What To Do If You Boink Your Banana

In an essay for, writer/comedian Ross Asdourian explains that, yes, you can break your penis.

After personally experiencing his own bruised banana during a romp in the sheets, followed by two emergency surgeries, he hopes to explain the ‘nuts and bolts’ (as it were) of the what and how of surviving a broken penis.

As Asdourian points out, the penis isn’t a bone you can technically break.

“The penis has three relevant parts to this article — two spongy tissues sacks (corpora cavernosa) that fill up with blood when you get erect and the urethra (that thing you pee and squeege out of),” explains Asdourian in his non-medical way. “If you’ve ever heard of a break, it’s actually a tear of one of those tissue sacks or a fracture of the urethra.”

The writer shares that he hit the trifecta of penile injuries by tearing both of his ‘spongy sacks’ and severing his urethra.

Asdourian shares that his banana break occurred having sex in the doggy position. In fact, a small 2017 study found that doggy-style is the sexual position that offers the most danger for guys going to Pound Town.

If you like a big swing to your strokes, chances are you might miss reentry sometime. The result might be what’s known as a ‘penile fracture.’

Not only will there be substantial pain involved, but if you’ve really broken something there will be ample swelling and discoloration.

Ross Asdourian

Asdourian is stone-cold serious when he says: do not hesitate, get yourself to the emergency room.

Sometimes, guys don’t want to face the embarrassment of explaining the incident to medical personnel. And sure, if this were stubbing your big toe, you might just tough it out.

But as Asdourian notes: This. Is. Not. Your. Toe.

What happens if you delay? Most importantly, your penis will not heal properly. The upshot of that could be bad blood flow meaning possibly no erections. And if you get erections, they could be really painful.

In Asdourian’s case, he had to endure a three-hour surgery to repair the damage done. It took four weeks of recovery to be able to urinate on his own. After a few months, he regained full sexual function.

“The long term effects of short term inaction are irreversible,” reports Asdourian. “Set your ego aside, do not play it cool, and get that hose to a doctor.”

You can read more about his adventures with a broken penis in his funny/not-so-funny take on the experience titled, Broken Bananah: Life, Love, and Sex…Without a Penis.

Michael Henry Asks The BIG Question: ‘Does Size Matter?’

Michael Henry (screen capture)

I love funnyman Michael Henry for his zany takes on the constantly shifting gay zeitgeist.

Henry’s latest NSFW-ish YouTube video asks the age-old question – “Does size really matter?” – and comes up with some surprising considerations.

In the clip, Henry and pals are hanging in the park consoling their friend who broke up after a lengthy (six weeks!) romance.

It turns out there was “one small, tiny problem.”

And you know exactly what’s coming…

As his friend recoil over the idea of small peen, Henry steps up to declare he’s he’s definitely a fan.

“I love ’em,” says Henry. “Much more than the large ones. I want to slop those slippery twigs right up.”

As his park pals dream of “massive man meat” and “shattered pelvic floors,” Henry explains via his own reality.

“I know my limits – I have big teeth and a small mouth,” says the funnyman. “And excuuuuuse me for having a gag reflex! People are supposed to know when they’re choking.”

When one friend points out that the anus is a muscle…? “I don’t feel like putting it to the test.”

But, but, but…Big D!

Nope, Mr. Henry is not interested.

Of course, it’s worth noting that “small” and “big” can be relative to the person using the term.

When actual numbers enter the discussion, clarity sets in.

Survey: Average Penis Size State-By-State Versus What Guys Tell Potential Partners

Experts at Bespoke Surgical conducted a national survey of over 1,300 men in the U.S. in an effort to determine average penis size (at full erection) in each state, as well as the length they tell potential partners or significant others.

Bespoke says the point of the survey was not to shame (or glorify) any state or region, but to “gain insight on how different areas compare in both their reported size and what they tell others. Please bear in mind that this is all self-reported data and is based entirely on the responses provided by the subjects of the study.”

The results?

The state averages come in anywhere from 5.22 inches to 7.44 inches. The national (self-reported) average came in at 6.41 inches at full erection.

The five states with the highest averages were:
• Alabama (7.44)
• Louisiana (7.15)
• West Virginia (7.00)
• Vermont (6.98)
• Utah (6.97)

The five states with the lowest average were:
• Delaware (5.22 inches)
• New Mexico (5.36)
• Maryland (5.50)
• Georgia (5.69)
• Rhode Island (5.83)

The second half of the study, though, was interesting in that some states exaggerated while others tend to understate their size.

Note: the national average for the second question was 6.61 inches.

Louisiana (which already reported the second biggest in size) tends to exaggerate the most claiming 8.07 inches, a difference of .92 inches.

Delaware, which reported the smallest actual average, had the greatest average exaggeration of 1.3 inches.

Although there wasn’t much of a pattern in terms of geography, the survey did note that respondents from the deep south were “guilty of the highest exaggerations” in general.

In the end, though, it’s important to remember – it’s all in how you use it 🙂

Study: A Curved Penis Might Indicate Higher Risk For Cancer

A new study shows that men whose penis curves may be at a higher risk for several types of cancer.

Via The Independent:

Presented at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, a study of more than 1.5million men has found worrying links between Peyronie’s Disease – a condition which causes the penis to become curved when erect – and stomach, skin and testicular cancers.

Also known as penile fibroses, the condition affects around 155,000 male adults in the UK, and while it is more common in men over 40, it can happen at any age.

A review of patient data by Baylor College in Houston has found that those diagnosed with the condition are at a 40 per cent higher risk of testicular cancer, a 29 per cent higher risk of melanoma and a 40 percent increased likelihood of stomach cancer, the Telegraph reports.

As such, the team behind the study suggest that men with Peyronie’s are closely monitored for cancer so that any development can be caught early.

Silicone Injections Into Genitals Causes Death Of 28-Year-Old Gay Man

Dylan Hafertepen (L) and Jack Chapman (R)

A gay man in Seattle, Washington, has died due to health complications related to injecting his genitals with liquid silicone.

Gay Star News reports that Jack Chapman, who is known on various social media platforms as Tank Heathcliff Hafertepen), died on October 15.

Among the causes of death listed on the death certificate was ‘Silicon Injection Syndrome.’ Three other causes of death, all lung related, were also listed.

Chapman was apparently in a pup/master BDSM relationship with Dylan Hafertepen, who goes by the pseudonym ‘noodlesandbeef’ on social media.

BDSM relationships can include some forms of role-play that include dominance, bondage, and/or submission.

According to Gay Star News, Chapman lived with “Hafertepen, Hafertepen’s husband, and three other men whom Hafertenpen has relationships.”

Dylan Hafertepen (L) and Jack Chapman (R)

Chapman had previously shared on his Tumblr account his use of silicone injections into his penis and scrotum.

The National Institutes of Health reports penile enhancement procedures with liquid silicone by non-medical personnel could result in devastating consequences including gross distortion’ and ‘sexual dysfunction.’

Silicone injections can also result in an ‘immunological response.’

A case study in the National Library of Medicine noted, “There is no reliable material as filler for penile soft tissue. Because of their composition and biochemical characteristics, they may act as a foreign body in the tissue, eliciting severe allergic reactions.”

Since Chapman’s death, social media followers have posted screen captures of his Tumblr account where he had shared his use of liquid silicone.

In one post, Chapman wrote, “What’s my secret? Since November 2014, I’ve been having liquid silicone injected into my penis and scrotum under the supervision of a healthcare professional, who has high amount of experience performing this procedure.”

When asked for details of his treatment, he shared, “I have a guy in Sacramento who is a champ.”

(image via Twitter)

“The reason I shared this detail about myself was because I believe I owed it to the intelligence of my readers,” he added. “I am noticeably bigger, and will continue [to] get bigger into the future – a cursory glance to my readers by misleading them or pretending that nothing has happened when it obviously had.”

‘It’s a part of me. It’s a part of my story and I’m happy to talk about it,” said the 28-year-old originally from Australia.

“This procedure can have major health risks if done incorrectly,” wrote Chapman in a post that now seems prophetic. “It is an unregulated and unapproved body modification.”

He also refused to share specific information about where to turn to for similar treatment.

In the aftermath of his death, Chapman’s Instagram and Tumblr accounts have been deleted.

A post on his Facebook page, dated October 16, mentions a ‘persistent cough’ that eventually led to further complications.

Tank had a persistent cough for several months. Otherwise, he seemed fine, doing the things he loved — working out, caring for clients as part of Lifelong AIDS Alliance, and spending time with his family. Until a week ago when he had trouble breathing and was admitted to the hospital with what we figured was a routine infection. It turned out to be much more. He fought very hard, seeming to get a tiny bit better day by day, until the terrible moment that we were told nothing more could be done.

Dylan Hafertepen originally agreed to speak to Gay Star News about Chapman’s passing.

But when questions regarding the silicone treatments and possible steroid use came up, Hafertepen demurred, writing in an email, “Tank was an incredible man and I don’t want him remembered by the thing that contributed to his death.”

Chapman is also survived by his mother, who lives in Melbourne, Australia.


UPDATE: Since I posted this report, I’ve heard from a number of people alleging an element of domestic abuse in this case.

While I can’t substantiate any of those claims, it seems adding a link to someone who has compiled their alleged proof would make this post more thorough.

To read about the allegations of domestic abuse, click here. I’ll repeat that I haven’t had the chance to prove or disprove the allegations shared at the link.

Jack Chapman

Stormy Daniels Goes There About Trump’s Junk In New Memoir

Porn star Stormy Daniels disses Donald Trump’s bedroom abilities in her new memoir, Full Disclosure.

The Guardian received an advance copy and shares this anecdote about the Trumpster’s now infamous Lake Tahoe tryst with Daniels.

Trump’s bodyguard invites Daniels to dinner, which turns out to be an invitation to Trump’s penthouse, she writes, in a description of alleged events that Daniels has disclosed previously but which in the book are rendered with new and lurid detail. She describes Trump’s penis as “smaller than average” but “not freakishly small.”

“He knows he has an unusual penis,” Daniels writes. “It has a huge mushroom head. Like a toadstool…

“I lay there, annoyed that I was getting fucked by a guy with Yeti pubes and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart…”

“It may have been the least impressive sex I’d ever had, but clearly, he didn’t share that opinion.”

Daniels also writes that when she would see the reality show host on television during the years since the encounter, the memory of her sexual encounter with Trump did not grow fonder.

In fact, she describes her internal monologue as, “‘I had sex with that,’ I’d say to myself. Eech.”

Mario Kart” and “Toad” instantly began trending on Twitter after The Guardian’s piece hit the internet.

Trump has denied the sexual encounter ever occurred although his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid Daniels $130,000 in ‘hush money’ just weeks before the 2016 presidential election.

Cohen has since pleaded guilty to multiple felony charges.

‘Summer Penis’ Is A Real Thing

(photo credit: Charles Deluvio)

Folks on the internet are excited about the latest Twitter topic: summer penis.

Apparently summer penis is a real ‘thing’ – and folks love ‘things.’

‘Summer penis’ is the concept that men’s junk gets bigger during the warmer, summer months because everything swells when it’s hot.

MEL Magazine wrote about this last month, and social media definitely had some fun with the idea.