Giuliani: Being Gay Can ‘Morph Into Pedophilia’

Giuliani: Being Gay Can ‘Morph Into Pedophilia’
Rudy Giuliani (screen capture)

Rudy Giuliani told listeners of his WABC radio show “Uncovering The Truth” today that being gay can “morph into pedophilia.”

The comment came as Giuliani’s co-host, Dr. Maria Ryan, compared his claim that President Biden is a “30-year bribe taker” to the “deviancy” of queer people.

Here’s the transcript via JoeMyGod:

“You take anything to an extreme and you can get into the area of deviancy. Look, heterosexuals can be deviants. Nothing wrong with gay, nothing wrong with lesbian except if it morphs into pedophilia.


“I think reasonable people can disagree on how broadly you interpret sexuality and the purpose of it. It’s a complex subject. I don’t think anybody can disagree that having sex with a minor is sick, disturbing, horrible, awful.”

So, straight folks can be deviants, but we get labeled pedophiles…#smh

Rudy’s last appearance on The Randy Report was last July when he refused to testify at a George grand jury hearing regarding Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Listen to the clip below.