George Santos Was Married To A Woman While Living With Gay Bf?

Rep.-elect George Santos
Rep.-elect George Santos (screen capture)

Rep.-elect George Santos says he married a woman in 2012 and stayed legally hitched to her until 2019.

But a former boyfriend, Pedro Vilarva, says he met Santos in 2014 when he was 18 and Santos was 26. After dating for a few months, Santos suggested they move in together.

From the New York Times:

Mr. Vilarva said he felt on top of the world — even if he said he did find himself footing many of the bills.

“He used to say he would get money from Citigroup, he was an investor,” Mr. Vilarva recalled. “One day it’s one thing, one day it’s another thing. He never ever actually went to work,” he said.

Things began to unravel between the two men in early 2015, Mr. Vilarva said, after Mr. Santos surprised him with tickets to Hawaii that turned out not to exist. Around the same time, he said he discovered that his cellphone was missing, and believed Mr. Santos had pawned it.

The final straw came when Vilarva decided to google Santos and discovered he was apparently wanted by the police in Brazil for stealing a checkbook and making illegal purchases in 2008. According to reports, Santos never stood trial because he fled Brazil before the police could serve a subpoena.

Vilarva hit the bricks quick: “I woke up in the morning, and I packed my stuff all in trash bags, and I called my father and I left.”

p.s. Law enforcement authorities in Brazil have announced they will revive the fraud charges against Santos now that they know his whereabouts.

Circling back to the beginning of this post, I’m wondering – where was Mrs. George Santos when Mr. Vilarva was living with Santos? Was their “marriage” arranged so the wife could gain U.S. citizenship?

Even as Santos is scheduled to be sworn into Congress today, more and more questions arise about his murky past.