George Santos Could Face Fraud Charges In Brazil + More News

Law enforcement in Brazil intends to revive fraud charges from 2008 against Rep.-elect George Santos (R-NY)
Rep-elect George Santos (R-NY)

Some news items you might have missed:

New York Times: Brazilian law enforcement intends to revive fraudulent check-writing charges from 2008 against Rep.-elect George Santos (R-NY). If Santos does not present a defense in the Brazilian case, he will be tried in absentia. If found guilty, Santos could receive up to five years in prison, plus a fine.

LGBTQ Nation: Married couple Tim Jeurninck and Marco Scatena have been awarded almost $150,000 after suing their former employer, a London restaurant, for anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination and bullying.

Queerty: If you did any of these 18 things in the late ’90s/early ’00s, you are 100% queer today.

Washington Post: A journalist catalogues the many similarities between Norma Desmond, the lead character of the cinematic classic Sunset Boulevard, and Donald Trump, not the least of which are their tastes in decor and their shared delusion of grandeur.

Mediaite: Hope Hicks, former aide to Donald Trump, was furious after the Jan. 6 attack regarding her future employment prospects according to text messages released by the Jan. 6 committee. “I’m so mad and upset. We all look like domestic terrorists now. This made us all unemployable. Like untouchable. God I’m so fucking mad.”

Wall Street Journal: In the two years since the violent Jan. 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol, Department of Justice prosecutors have racked up a 99.8% conviction rate.