George Santos Has A Lonely First Day In Congress

George Santos Has A Lonely First Day In Congress
Rep.-elect George Santos (R-NY)

Disgraced Rep.-elect George Santos (R-NY) is probably not having the first day in Congress he’d imagined when he won his seat in November.

Of course, since then, many of his fabricated bio bits have come to light – from claiming to have worked at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, to lying about graduating from Baruch University, to having fraud charges in Brazil reemerge, and so much more.

He’s also under federal and local investigation for possible campaign spending violations.

When he first arrived at the Longworth House Office Building, journalists followed him asking questions which he silently ignored as he got lost looking for his new office.

And yet, here he is today, joining all the other members of Congress to be sworn in.

But according to multiple sources, his fellow Republicans are not embracing him.

While many new members of Congress bring their spouse and/or children with them to attend being sworn in, Santos arrived at the Capitol building without his husband – and as The Daily Beast notes – without his wedding band.

Photographers captured a lonely looking Santos sitting in the back of the House chamber surrounded by empty chairs or the children of members of Congress.