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Gays Gone Wild? Fire Island Social Media Posts Go Viral

In this episode of ‘Gays Gone Wild,’ “Fire Island” was trending on Twitter today after several social media posts went viral featuring tons of shirtless gays at shoulder-to-shoulder parties at the gay summer mecca, Fire Island.

No masks, no social distancing.

Journalist Chris Weidner curated the following posts and reports via Twitter.

Among the ‘Covidiots’ is an apparent 23-year-old Giancarlo Kristian Albanese, currency analyst at EverythingFx. It looksl like he was planning on returning to his parents house (where he lives) in White Plains, NY.

Except – his mother reportedly if undergoing chemotherapy, and his brother commented on Giancarlo’s post saying he is now unwelcome at home.

And then there’s Corey Hannon who told social media that he had been suffering from COVID-19 for over a week but went to Fire Island anyway.

Hannon later posted an ‘apology’ video which seemed to twist and turn itself in knots.

On one hand, he said he never actually tested positive for COVID-19, but he believed he had experienced it. BUT – even though he took a test for the virus, he still headed out to Fire Island to frolic in the sun amid the gays.

He ‘apologized’ for the ‘misrepresentation’ of his COVID story and that his video rant was never meant to be posted to his account as it was just ‘bad humor’ intended to be shared among friends.

He also denounced so-called ‘cancel culture’ for how his own posts on social media came back to bite him in the ass.

First of all, pal, stop posting every second of your life on social media if you don’t want to deal with the ramifications. You’re not that cool.

Second, we can’t cancel what hasn’t happened. I’d never heard of Hannon before today. The idea of ‘cancel culture’ is to ‘cancel’ prominent individuals who have abused public trust in having a following.

Dude, you ain’t that famous…

Twitter was NOT havin it: