Gay Racist Toad Shouts N-Word, Attacks Guy Recording His A**holery

Gay Racist Toad Shouts N-Word, Attacks Guy Recording His A**holery
Just grotesque… (screen capture via YouTube)

Here’s a sad example that there’s a jerk in just about every demographic.

A video shared on social media shows a confrontation between a driver and a pedestrian escalate to violence after the driver realized he was captured on video calling a Black sanitation worker a “f*cking n****r.”

The incident took place on New York City’s Upper East Side over the weekend. After shouting the racist slur, the driver noticed a pedestrian was recording the ugliness.

“Are you recording me?” asked the driver.

“Yeah,” says the pedestrian.

“Why?” the driver asks.

In a pretty spot-on assessment, the pedestrian replied, “Because you’re an asshole.”

“I’m an asshole? Honey, look in the mirror, okay? The only person who is an asshole is you for recording,” says the racist driver.

During the exchange, the motorist asked the pedestrian, “Are you gay, too?”

“Too?” Oh god, he’s gay? Dang it…

“No,” the pedestrian replies.

“No, you’re not? Well, you look like it,” the driver snaps back.

When the pedestrian shares he plans on uploading the video to the internet, the driver scoffs, “Okay, I’ll get fans, honey. That’s what I’ll do.”

It’s at that point the driver exits his car and assaults the pedestrian. Along the way snatches the phone recording the incident and hurls it to the ground.

The driver probably thought he’d solved his internet problem, except others nearby noticed the exchange and were recording as well.

The YouTube poster writes that prior to the beginning of the clip, the driver “was repeatedly shouting at a Black sanitation worker, yelling “you’re a n*****”. The noise was enough for several residents to come down to street level.”

Folks in the Twitterverse were NOT having the hideous behavior.