Gallup: Support For Same-Sex Relations Falls To 64%

Pride flag flies in the breeze

The Republican culture wars against LGBTQ people have begun to take their toll as Gallup Polling shows the number of Americans who feel same-sex relations are morally acceptable has fallen in the past year from 2022’s record high.

From Gallup:

Last year, a record-high 71% of U.S. adults said gay or lesbian relations are morally acceptable. The figure has fallen back this year to 64%, returning to a level last seen in 2019.

Still, Americans are far more likely to consider same-sex relations as morally acceptable than in the past, including 38% in 2002 and 54% in 2012. The figure has been 60% or higher since 2015.

The decline in the percentage of Americans believing gay or lesbian relations are morally acceptable is mainly a result of fewer Republicans holding that view — 41% do now, down from 56% a year ago.

The current figure is the lowest Gallup has measured for Republicans since 2014 (39%). Between 2020 and 2022, majorities of Republicans approved of gay or lesbian relations.

Democrats (79%) and independents (73%) continue to be much more likely than Republicans to find gay or lesbian relations morally acceptable.

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Gallup: Support For Same-Sex Relations Falls To 64%
(graphic via Gallup)