Michael Henry: Is Calling Someone ‘Turtle Taint’ A Come-On?

Hunter Harden in Michael Henry's latest short film "How to Let a Gay Guy Know You're Into Him"
Hunter Harden as ‘Adam’ (screen capture)

The gay dating scene can be so complicated sometimes you don’t know if you’re playing the equivalent of a friendly game of checkers or 3-D chess.

Smart/funny guy Michael Henry’s latest short film explores how some signals – including references to iguanas and other reptiles – can be confusing amid the fun and frolic of flirtation.

After a fun pizza party the night before, Henry and his friends Nathan Mohebbi and Mike Millan review the evening – especially the party host’s roommate Adam (played by porn furball Hunter Harden).

Nathan: “He made me the best jalapeño margarita last night, and said, ‘Here you go, king.'”

Mike: “He made me a personal pan pizza and spelled ‘stud’ in bell peppers.”

Henry: “He made me take out the garbage.”  Whaaaattt???

Funny guy Michael Henry explores How to Let a Gay Guy Know You're Into Him
Michael Henry (screen capture)

It turns out Adam also called Henry ‘turtle taint’ and ‘lizard butt,’ which leads Henry to wonder, “Do I seem reptilian?”

Maybe those were euphemisms for unspoken attraction? Or perhaps road signs he’s really just not into you? Or, maybe he has ‘reptile dysfunction?’

Check out the quick 3 minute video below, and you can find more of the hilarious Mr. Henry’s insightful views on gay life here.