Fox News Poll: Voters Support Commonsense Gun Measures By Wide Margin

A new survey by Fox News finds – by a wide 13-point margin – voters place a higher priority on protecting citizens from gun violence than protecting the rights of gun owners with 53% support and 40% opposing.

The poll also found strong support for specific measures to reduce gun violence, including:

• 91% support requiring criminal background checks on all gun buyers

• 84% support requiring mental health checks on all gun buyers

• 72% support raising the age to buy all guns to 21

• 69% support putting armed guards in schools

• 69% support banning assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons

So,  a poll that “leans conservative” finds 91% support FOR background checks on all gun buyers – why wouldn’t lawmakers at the very least do that?

Oh, right. The NRA will take their money from their congressional pawns if that happens.

Now, how does Donald Trump spin this as “fake news” since it’s a poll done by his favorite TV network?