“Forbidden Nights” – Britain’s Got Talent Gets A Surprise

A group of five hunky London boys surprised the judges at Britain’s Got Talent with their shirtless performance that wowed even Simon Cowell.

Goes to show you there’s a huge audience for male revues when it’s done well 🙂

It all began with a singing soloist named Lewis Codling who seemed to have technical difficulties. As the “audio techs” came out to his aid, it was soon clear a different sort of talent would soon be on parade.

The strippers, who call themselves Forbidden Nights, launched into a performance of Bruno Mars’ “Runaway” that stopped the show cold.

Simon Cowell said, with a smile: “You actually had me fooled. You’re a very good actor.”

“I’ll tell you what, that was so crafty and clever, it was brilliant,” judge Alesha Dixon beamed.

David Walliams was direct with his support: “It’s a yes!”

Watch below.