Final Iowa Poll Cancelled After Polling Mistake

Final Iowa Poll Cancelled After Polling Mistake
L-R Sen. Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Bernie Sanders supporters, of course, believe it’s a conspiracy against a Bernie.

From USA Today:

A highly anticipated release of the Iowa Poll, one of the most respected political surveys in the nation, was canceled Saturday night  ahead of the Iowa caucuses after Pete Buttigieg’s campaign complained that his name had been omitted by a poll interviewer.

“The Iowa Poll was founded in 1943,” Carol Hunter, executive editor of the Register, said in an interview Saturday. “It’s built its reputation over many decades for accuracy, and we feel the utmost responsibility to uphold that reputation.”

CNN did an internal investigation and found that an operator had enlarged the font on their computer screen, cutting off Buttigieg’s name, which had been at the bottom.