“Failing” CNN Projected To Turn $1.2 Billion Profit In 2018

Donald Trump

To hear Donald Trump tell it,  the “failing” CNN is on its last legs.

And then, there are the facts.

Via Vanity Fair:

The average number of people watching on a given day has been above 700,000 each year since 2016, compared to around 400,000 in the pre-Trump news cycle. That’s also considerably larger than any other time over the past 25 years, an astonishing feat given the ubiquity of news and the decline of cable.

The ratings, of course, skew higher in the evening hours, when the most people are watching all at once.

The average prime-time audience is around a million, compared to fewer than 600,000 when Zucker arrived, in 2013.

According to someone with direct knowledge of the numbers, CNN is projected to turn a $1.2 billion profit on $2.5 billion in revenue this year, making 2018 its most profitable year ever.