Facebook Troll Serves Up Snark To Haters Over Target’s New “Gender Neutral” Policy

Ok, this is really hysterical.

You can imagine how – just sometimes – folks on the end of customer service would love to really speak their minds to over the top, outraged customers.

Check this out from Adweek:

That dynamic played out in particularly rogue fashion on Target’s Facebook page this week. As the retailer received a steady stream of nasty comments from people upset about its move toward gender-neutral in-store labeling, Facebook user Mike Melgaard posed as Target with a fake Facebook account—Ask ForHelp, with a bull’s-eye profile pic—and began excoriating the haters with comically sarcastic replies.

He got away with it for about 16 hours, too, commenting on about 50 posts before the fake account was shut down.

I’ve posted two of Melgaard’s responses here. Head over to Adweek for many more. Some funny stuff 🙂

(h/t JMG)