Eric Trump Tries To Troll Kellyanne Conway’s Husband – It’s Doesn’t Go Very Well

Eric Trump

George Conway, also known as the husband of White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway, is a frequent critic of Donald Trump.

That must make for interesting chit chat at the dinner table in the Conway home.

That said, Eric Trump, in another attempt to prove his less-than-stellar intellect, criticized George on Twitter calling out what he perceives as “disrespecting” Kellyanne’s place of employment.

This little episode began when George Conway responded to a Trump tweet calling out the

The code Conway cites is in regard to laws prohibiting witness tampering. Under 18 USC 1512(b) it is illegal to “cause or induce any person to withhold testimony.”

That seemed to have triggered young Eric:

Folks had a little something to say about that. Not only did Twitter users clap back at Eric, but Conway retweeted the shade.