Elton and Madonna – Golden Globes 2012

Comments have been flying on the internet about Elton John’s (and his husband) reaction to losing the Golden Globe for Best Song to Madonna.

I read some posts that call Madonna “narcissistic” for her speech. Others calling out Elton’s bad sportmanship for his dour look and also reportedly saying Madonna “doesn’t have a chance in hell” of winning the award when he was on the red carpet.

Here’s the video of the win and the speech. I wouldn’t necessarily call this narcissistic. A definition of “narcissism” I found at dictionary.com says narcissism is “excessive self-love.” I don’t particularly see that in this specific clip. Madge won an award and she thanked her co-writers, co-producer and manager. I would figure if “excessive self-love” was on display here, Madge would have thanked herself and walked off.

Also, catch Elton’s face at the 3:07 mark. Looking pretty dour. Especially when you consider Elton has won every award on the face of the planet. Really? He wanted THIS one that bad?

My call? Madonna won an award. Let her give her speech and let’s call it a day. And Elton – whatever happened to the idea of “just being nominated is an honor?”