Edie Windsor’s remarks on winning at the Supreme Court bringing down DOMA

In all the hoopla, one of the most important people to speak on the repeal of DOMA is Edie Windsor, who brought the case to court when her wife died and she was hit with a $360,000+ tax bill because the federal government didn’t recognize her marriage.

I’ve been strangely numb today about the rulings. I’m excited and happy, but it’s almost not real to me. It wasn’t until I saw this clip of Edie speak today that I felt something really moving about what has happened on this historic day.

This is history. For decades we’ll look back and know how important this day is, and how it will lead us to our future.

And, in great part, because this senior citizen who lived most of her life quietly decided to raise her voice, and in doing so has raised up so many of us.

Thank you, Edie Windsor.