Easter Treat? Pepsi + Peeps = Marshmallow Soda

Marshmallow soda anyone?
(credit: Pepsi)

File this under ‘Things that make you go hmm…’


In the most unlikely collaboration since Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli, Peeps has partnered with Pepsi to create Marshmallow Cola, which comes in a three-pack of cute little 7.5-oz. cans.

Sadly, these won’t be available on grocery store shelves this year, but fans can enter the sweepstakes to win some by hashtagging “#HangingWithMyPEEPS” on their social media photos.

The cans come in blue, pink, and yellow, although there is no difference in flavor.

The peeps at PEOPLE got a first taste of the drink and do, indeed, confirm that it does taste like marshmallows. The powers that be describe the soda as “vaguely reminiscent of Lucky Charms.”