Thousands Attend Barcelona Rock Concert After Being Tested For COVID

Thousands attend a rock concert in Barcelona after being tested for COVID

A crowd of some 5,000 music fans attended a sold-out rock concert in Barcelona, Spain, Saturday night after the entire audience was screened for COVID-19 before entering the venue.

From NBC News:

Music fans in Barcelona hugged, danced and sang along at a sold-out rock concert on Saturday night after taking rapid Covid-19 tests in a trial that could revive the live music industry in Spain and beyond.

Some 5,000 fans at the show for Spanish indie band Love of Lesbian had to wear masks but social distancing was not required in the Palau Sant Jordi arena. Health controls at the entrance delayed the start of the concert, but could not dampen the celebratory spirit.

“Welcome to one of the most exciting concerts of our lives!” lead singer Santi Balmes told the crowd to a roar of cheers. Pre-concert testing at three Barcelona locations was carried out by 80 nurses wearing full personal protective equipment.

Attendees received the results of their tests on their cell phones about 15 minutes after being tested. The ticket price included the cost of the test and a face mask.

NBC News says that by mid-day three people out of about 2,400 tested positive and were not able to attend the event. Those folks received a full refund for their tickets.

The government approved the event as a sort of test to see if such health precautions could help bring life closer to normal.