“Don’t Say Gay” Bill Introduced In North Carolina

North Carolina Republican lawmakers have introduced a Don't Say Gay bill in the state Senate.

Another “Don’t Say Gay” bill has been introduced – this time in North Carolina.

From FOX46 in Raleigh:

North Carolina Senate Republicans took a step that could have been expected: They are filing a bill that dictates what teachers can say to young children about sexuality and requires them perhaps to disclose confidential conversations they have with students about gender identity and sexuality.

This bill, like one enacted in Florida under the heading of “Don’t Say Gay,” would eliminate such discussions for students in kindergarten through Grade 3. Lawmakers discuss it as protecting parental rights and not about ignoring LBGTQ rights.

If Republicans do pass this bill or something like it, there’s a strong possibility it would be vetoed by Gov. Roy Cooper, and Republicans don’t have votes by themselves to override. However, this does create a political debate leading up to elections in November.

“What if a parent is abusive?” asked state Rep. Allison Dahle, one of the legislature’s few openly LGBTQ members, after the bill was announced. “Is the teacher going to be responsible for the child’s beating? North Carolina needs to be a safe place for everybody, and this is going to remove that safety net for children.”

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The website FutureEd is tracking such legislation and reports that, so far, there are 82 similar bills in 26 states.