Donald Trump Jr. Texted Chief Of Staff With Plan To Overturn Election

Donald Trump Jr. Texted Trump Chief Of Staff With Plan To Overturn Election Before It Was Called
Donald Trump Jr.

Text messages between Donald Trump Jr. and then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows obtained by the House select committee investigating the January 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol building shows Junior laying out ideas to keep his father in power just two days after the 2020 election.

The messages, dated November 5, go on to detail a strategy very much like what ended up happening in terms of lawsuits challenging results and fake “Trump electors” being put forward.

And this was all before the election was even called for Biden.

Not a good look, Junior, when you’ve been denying this for over a year.

From CNN:

Two days after the 2020 presidential election, as votes were still being tallied, Donald Trump’s eldest son texted then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows that “we have operational control” to ensure his father would get a second term, with Republican majorities in the US Senate and swing state legislatures, CNN has learned.

“It’s very simple,” Trump Jr. texted to Meadows on November 5, adding later in the same missive: “We have multiple paths We control them all.”

Immediately before his text to Meadows describing multiple paths for challenging the election, Trump Jr. texted Meadows the following: “This is what we need to do please read it and please get it to everyone that needs to see it because I’m not sure we’re doing it.”

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