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Domestic Dispute Ends With Crushing Conclusion

Corey Jones (mugshot via EBRSO)

Someone needs to work on their aggressive anger issues.

Louisiana teen Corey Jones, 18, was arrested New Year’s Eve after a domestic dispute ended in his ripping his boyfriend’s testicle sac.

According to Baton Rouge news outlet WAFB, the victim had returned home after having “a bad day at work.”

As a verbal argument began between the two men, the victim locked himself in his bedroom but Jones broke in and the altercation became physical.

The incident continued to escalate until Jones allegedly grabbed the victim’s scrotum and squeezed so hard, the testicle sac “ripped and began to bleed uncontrollably.”

WAFB reports the victim was treated with stitches at a nearby hospital but the ‘significant laceration’ will leave a permanent scar.

Jones was arrested and charged with domestic abuse battery with serious bodily injury. He is currently being held at East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.