News Round-Up: July 23, 2021

Josue de la Vegas

Some news items you might have missed:

Instinct Magazine: RuPaul’s Drag Race is returning to Las Vegas, bringing six sexy Pit Crew members with it. And for the most part, it’ll be a totally new cast of sexy men (above). Check them out at the link.

Out Music: Belgian pop superstar Max Colombie, (aka Oscar and the Wolf) unveils his brand-new single and music video “Oliver.

The sultry single serves up a tropical beat and shimmering synths as Colombie’s sensual voice draws us further into his poolside dreamworld.

Washington Blade:  Louisiana lawmakers failed to override Gov. John Bel Edwards’ (D) veto last month of a bill that would have barred trans girls and women from participating on athletic teams or in sporting events designated for girls or women at elementary, secondary and postsecondary schools.

Family Equality: This short two-minute video, released in advance of Parents Day on Sunday, offers a lighthearted but thorough explanation of the discrimination, bias, and disproportionate financial outlays same-sex couples can face on their journey to parenthood.

Outsports: The Olympics always drive huge LGBTQ viewership. Here are 8 events at the Tokyo Olympics likely to be popular with LGBTQ viewers.

Deadline: Billy Porter’s directorial debut for Orion Pictures – What If? – will star Black transgender actress Eva Reign in the upcoming high school rom-com.

COVID Patient Would Still Refuse Vaccine: ‘Don’t Shove It Down My Throat’

In his report for CBS This Morning, national correspondent David Begnaud recently spoke to a Louisiana man, Scott Roe, who is currently recovering from COVID-19 but remains adamant he will not be getting any of the vaccines available to the public.

Roughly one in three Louisianans are fully vaccinated. This week, the state’s health department reported the highest number of COVID-19 hospitalizations since late February. Scott Roe is one of them. “Here I am recovering, getting out of here finally tomorrow. Am I going to get a vaccine? No,” Roe said. “Because there’s too many issues with these vaccines.” This father, former baseball coach, small business owner and hunter caught COVID and then developed pneumonia.

“Before you got sick,” Begnaud asked Roe, “if you would have had a chance to get the vaccine and prevent this, would you have taken the vaccine?” “No,” Roe said. “I would have gone through this, yes sir… Don’t shove it down my throat. That’s what local, state, federal administration is trying to do – shove it down your throat.” “What are they shoving,” Begnaud asked, “the science?” “No they’re shoving the fact that that’s their agenda,” Roe said, “their agenda is to get you vaccinated.”

GOP Rep. Steve Scalise, Roe’s representative in Congress, announced this week he just received his first Pfizer shot, and urged his constituents to follow suit saying the shots are “safe and effective.”

Roe’s response? “Not proven.”

My question of late has been: “What would constitute ‘proof’ that the vaccines are safe and effective to these folks? Is it a matter of time? Are they saying they would take the shot in a year? Two years? Ten years?

Or have the vaccines become such a politicalized topic that those folks will never cross that divide?

Here’s the full report from CBS This Morning.

(h/t JoeMyGod)

Anti-Vax ER Nurse Dies Of COVID-19

A Louisiana nurse who railed against vaccinations for the coronavirus died on Saturday from COVID-19 complications

A Louisiana nurse who railed against vaccinations for the coronavirus died on Saturday from COVID-19 complications
A Louisiana nurse who had railed against vaccinations on her social media has reportedly died from COVID-19 complications.

From The Acadiana Advocate:

Olivia Guidry, a registered nurse in the emergency department, died Saturday after battling the virus for days in the hospital’s intensive care unit. Friends, who had been pleading for prayers for the young woman, expressed grief as the news of her death spread Saturday afternoon.

Guidry was diagnosed with COVID in early July, according to a social media post from her sister, Brittany Smith. She spiked a high fever and had a seizure, Smith wrote. She was placed in a medically induced coma on Thursday.

Louisiana has a vaccination rate of about 36%, below the national vaccination rate of nearly 50%.

Domestic Dispute Ends With Crushing Conclusion

Corey Jones (mugshot via EBRSO)

Someone needs to work on their aggressive anger issues.

Louisiana teen Corey Jones, 18, was arrested New Year’s Eve after a domestic dispute ended in his ripping his boyfriend’s testicle sac.

According to Baton Rouge news outlet WAFB, the victim had returned home after having “a bad day at work.”

As a verbal argument began between the two men, the victim locked himself in his bedroom but Jones broke in and the altercation became physical.

The incident continued to escalate until Jones allegedly grabbed the victim’s scrotum and squeezed so hard, the testicle sac “ripped and began to bleed uncontrollably.”

WAFB reports the victim was treated with stitches at a nearby hospital but the ‘significant laceration’ will leave a permanent scar.

Jones was arrested and charged with domestic abuse battery with serious bodily injury. He is currently being held at East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

Louisiana: Dem Governor Wins 2nd Term Over GOP Trump Ally

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards

Despite three visits by Donald Trump to Louisiana to try and flip the governorship to the Republican column, Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards won a second term Saturday to remain the only Democratic governor in the Deep South.

Edwards narrowly beat wealthy businessman and Trump ally Eddie Rispone, who invested more than $14 million of his own money to finance his campaign.

“I need you to send a message to the corrupt Democrats in Washington,” Trump told a crowd at a rally in Bossier City on Thursday.

“You’ve got to give me a big win, OK?” Trump implored.

The Republican National Committee invested $2 million and 60 staffers on the ground in hopes of flipping the seat red.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted “Louisiana, 3 hours left, get out and Vote for @EddieRispone for Governor. Lower taxes and much more!”

After the news that Rispone had lost the race, and not wanting to be associated with failure, Trump has now deleted the tweet.

Trump also recently campaigned for GOP Governor Matt Bevin in Kentucky which resulted in the Democrat, Andy Beshear, winning the race.

There will now be two Democratic governors in deep-red South.

News Round-Up: May 29, 2019

(image via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

• It’s pretty safe to say InstaHunk Kyle Krieger (above) is ready for Pride Month.

• Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who famously did not allow a debate on the SCOTUS nomination of Merrick Garland for nearly a year, told a crowd in Kentucky on Tuesday that if a Supreme Court vacancy came up during the 2020 presidential campaign, “We’d fill it.” Totally different thing when the nomination is from your party, huh?

• Even the legal pundits at Fox News think Robert Mueller’s statement that he didn’t charge Donald Trump with obstruction of justice “because he’s the president” was damning for Trump:

• Louisiana lawmakers passed an abortion ban on a 79 – 23 vote Wednesday that would prohibit women from terminating a pregnancy once a fetal heartbeat has been detected. Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards [photo] has indicated that he would break with his party and sign the ban if it crosses his desk.

• The non-partisan Congressional Research Service reports the sweeping tax law Republicans enacted in late 2017 is definitely not paying for itself, and has not significantly boosted the economy or increased wages.

• You are NOT going to be prepared for Kodi Lee on America’s Got Talent. Just – hit play.

Louisiana: 10 GOP Lawmakers Vote To Keep Bestiality Legal But Outlaw Gay Sex

(image via Flickr – Photographer Tila Monto)

Oh dear.

During voting yesterday in the Louisiana state Senate, 10 Republican lawmakers voted against a measure that would strip out the crime of bestiality from Louisiana’s outdated and unconstitutional sodomy law and make the act illegal as a separate law.

But the inclusion of one line in the legislation –  “Anal sexual intercourse between two human beings shall not be deemed as a crime” – was too much for 10 Republican lawmakers.

So, they voted for bestiality in order to keep oral and anal sex (known as “crimes against nature”) illegal.

As New Orleans state Sen. JP Morrell, who sponsored the bill, said at the time, “God forbid you vote against this bill, good luck explaining it.”

Since the sodomy portion of current law has been deemed unconstitutional and therefore unenforceable, Morrell’s bill would strip out the bestiality aspect to make the crime of sex with an animal illegal and allow authorities to prosecute the crime.

The bill passed by a vote of 25-10.


The measure now heads to the state House.

Louisiana Appeals Court Strikes Down LGBT Protections

Louisiana’s First Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled Gov. John Bel Edwards’ attempts to protect LGBTs who work for the state government are unconstitutional.

The Democratic governor’s positions were challenged by GOP Attorney General Jeff Landry.

From The Times-Picayune:

“We do not live under a King in Louisiana; we have a Governor, an independent Attorney General, an elected Legislature, and a Court system who are all involved in the governing of our State,” Landry said in a written statement. “I applaud the professionalism and attention of the Court of Appeal in these matters.”

The decision comes after a three-judge panel reviewed Edwards’ executive order protecting LGBT state workers and contractors to determine whether it is constitutional.

“The Governor’s Executive Order in this case goes beyond a mere policy statement or directive to fulfill law, because there is no current state or federal law specifically outlining anti-discrimination laws concerning and/or defining sexual orientation or gender identity,” reads the decision written by Judge Toni Higginbotham on behalf of the court.

“The current laws simply prohibit discrimination based on a person’s biological sex,” she wrote.

Edwards wanted the LGBT nondiscrimination policy to apply to all of state government. His order prohibited harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, similar to bans on racial or religious discrimination.