Delegate Count Per AP: Joe Biden 664, Bernie Sanders 573

Delegate Count Per AP: Joe Biden 664, Bernie Sanders 573
L-R Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders

The Associated Press has calculated the allocation of more than 92 percent of the 1,344 Super Tuesday delegates, and according to the math, former Vice President Joe Biden has built such a commanding lead Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will not be able to catch up from the remaining 8 percent left from those contests.

Through huge wins in southern states, plus surprise victories in Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Texas, Biden won 10 states and Sanders won four.

Biden will take away a minimum of 610 delegates from the Super Tuesday’s contests, while Sanders scores at least 513.

Note – 102 delegates remain to be allocated.

Vote counting continues in California (thanks to mail-in ballots) as it’s unclear whether former Mayor Mike Bloomberg will garner enough votes to clear the 15 percent level to become viable and win a percentage of the statewide delegates.

At this writing, Biden has won 664 delegates to Sanders’ 573.

Next on the calendar, Democratic voters go to the polls on March 10 in six states:

Idaho – 20 delegates

Michigan – 125 delegates

Mississippi – 36 delegates

Missouri – 68 delegates

North Dakota – 14 delegates

Washington – 89 delegates