New Music: Dawson Fuss ‘Upper Hand’

out singer/songwriter Dawson Fuss
Dawson Fuss (promo photo)

Indie pop artist Dawson Fuss drops his new single ‘Upper Hand,’ a reflection of his journey of moving on and reclaiming his power by staying out of petty arguments and histrionics.

For Fuss, the single is a confident narrative of being the bigger person in the face of other people’s drama.

New Music: Dawson Fuss ‘Upper Hand’

Fuss wrote the track in a period of healing from a painful breakup in an effort to move on.

In a press statement, Fuss shares, “Writing ‘Upper Hand’ was my opportunity to reclaim a relationship that made me feel pretty awful,”

I don’t want to be the one to call you out cuz
To be honest I don’t care if you’re sad and alone
I don’t need any provoked validation
Don’t you get it? Don’t you see?

“I come to life whenever I can perform in front of an audience,” says the Santa Barbara native.  “Singing makes me feel liberated. It makes me feel Free.”

“Being able to be completely connected with my body and mind while simultaneously connecting with the audience makes me transcend to a different realm,” he adds. “Any kind of negative feelings I have beforehand immediately vanish as I ease into the space of the song. It’s magic.”

Last fall, I reviewed Fuss’s debut EP edge of adolescence which channeled vulnerable, personal moments into buoyant anthems. Raw honesty and compelling melodies combined for a thoughtful, poignant illustration of a lived life.

‘Upper Hand’ is further evidence Fuss plans to keep transforming life’s challenges and confusions into highly relatable musical moments.

You can follow Dawson Fuss on Instagram here. ‘Upper Hand’ is available now on all major music platforms.