Congressman Aaron Schock Has A Secret Only His Interior Decorator Knows

Congressman Aaron Schock is totally not gay
Rep. Aaron Schock

So, totally not gay Republican Congressman Aaron Schock of Illinois recently redecorated his office in Washington, D.C.

A new Congress, a new look. What could that hurt?

As the story goes, a woman named Annie Brahler, of the decorating firm Euro Trash, offered her services free of charge to the handsome, young congressman, although he did have to personally pay for any items she picked out on his behalf.

Well, Washington Post reporter Ben Terris stopped by the offices of Mr. Schock and was greeted by what was described by staff as inspired by the PBS hit series Downton Abbey. The decorator, Ms. Annie Brahler, even offered a tour of the redux.

As Brahler and Terris walked around, though, Schock’s communications director Benjamin Cole got involved with a somewhat abrupt request to cease, desist and delete all pics of the office redo, and offering an interview on any subject with the congressman as long as it wasn’t about the office decor.

“He’s happy to talk to you, just not about the office,” Cole reportedly told Terris. “I’m really sorry and want you to know this is not fun for me.”

Now why, many wonder, would a PR guy get so nervous about an office decor change?

Eyebrows seem to be raised because of persistent rumors that the 33 year old congressman is actually gay and closeted, with a voting record that is not LGBT friendly at all.

See tweets from Washington Post reporter Ben Terris below: