Christmas Music: Tom Goss “What’s Christmas Without You”

In his new music video, “What’s Christmas Without You,” out singer/songwriter Tom Goss gives Christmas his campy best trying to enjoy the holidays solo.

As Tom says on the video’s YouTube page, “Christmas just isn’t Christmas without the people you love.”

If you know Tom, you know he really likes joy. Not in a “Joy to the World” vein, but joy as in “laughter makes everything better.”

You know something’s afoot when he begins the clip with perfectly smooth, larger-than-life, 1970s TV gestures. In his solitude, he spots a body pillow and decides “Hey – I’m not all THAT alone.”

Tom Goss solves a solo Christmas with music and laughs

Dressing pillow guy up in sweater and flannel, Tom attempts all the activities we associate with the holidays: snuggling, dancing, mistletoe moments, decorating the cabin, and snowball fights.

Tom Goss and friend try some mistletoe action

Tom Goss isn't having Christmas by himself

Somehow – even though the TV hands get bigger and bigger – that Christmas magic just isn’t there.

And then…

We don’t want to spoil it for you so hit play below. We think it’s the perfect ending to a Tom Goss Christmas video.

In addition to the visual antics, Tom’s effortless vocals and totally sincere lyrics (co-written with Perricone) are the perfect balance to the Christmas shenanigans.

Perricone also wrote the music and played all instruments besides drums on the record.

You can find more music from Tom Goss here, and make sure you follow him on Instagram here.