Chris Evans genuinely dislikes icky conservative opinionator Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro has a big problem with Jason Collins being called a “hero.”

Upon Jason Collins’ historic coming-out, Shapiro took to Twitter to decry the calls of heroism being lauded at the NBA center — a popular trend among straight white men who never had to come out as anything in their lives.

Piers Morgan took Shapiro to task on his CNN show for his insensitive comments, at which Shapiro accused the Piers of hating America by thinking that we’re all just a bunch of homophobes:

Shapiro: “Let me ask you something. Why do you hate America so much that you think this is such a homophobic country that when Jason Collins comes out it is the biggest deal in the history of humanity? President Obama has to personally call him to congratulate him.”

Answers Morgan: “I think you might be homophobic simply because you said, why is Jason Collins a hero because he’s gay? Why sneer at a guy for coming out when he’s being courageous?”

Says Shapiro: “I’m Jewish. I wear a yarmulke on TV. There’s a lot of anti-semitism… Being who you are in 2013 in America is what America is about. It is not heroic to be who you are publicly. I’m glad for Jason Collins if he feels that he’s going to live a happier life now. But it does not make you a hero to be who you are.”

I personally can’t stand the sound of Shapiro’s voice.  It’s like nails on a chalk board.  To think people actually listen to him on the radio and such is difficult to fathom.

UPDATE: After the segment aired, super-star movie stud Chris Evans, who has a gay brother, tweeted this:

Chris Evans genuinely dislikes icky conservative opinionator Ben Shapiro

(via Queerty)