Chasing The Sun + More InstaHunks

Chasing The Sun + More InstaHunks
Lucho (via Instagram)

Checking in with some favorite InstaHunks beginning with Lucho, who was busy chasing the sun.

Ivan in Alaska is digging his Mexican vacation tan:

Shade Andrew wants more abs. I think he looks just fiiiiiiine:

Ronen Rubenstein spent quality time with Spot:

Hector Fallas got some Miami-style therapy:

Facundo Rodriquez is ready for winter:

Ryan Cleary cleaned up for a Sunday selfie:

Christian dished out some Sunday shower shake:

Yonak chilled in front of a fake beach in London:

NBC News correspondent Steven Romo reports 55 degrees may be too cool for shorts…

…while Jim Newman kept warm by the fire in NYC:

Hunter Harden gave you go-go ‘Friday the 13th’ style:

What to do when you’re still testing positive for COVID? Dog walks with Sgt. Pupper:

Daniel Rankin was in the kitchen cooking up stuff:

Trans bodybuilder Paulo Batista is living his dream as a newly-minted U.S. Sailor:

Sam Cushing gave himself a trim. Who else out there keeps their hair shaped up on your own?

Jordan Torres was feeling fine in the friendly skies: