Viral Video: Charles Barkley Speaks Out In Support Of LGBTQs

A video clip of Charles Barkley speaking out in support of LGBTQ people in Las Vegas has gone viral
NBA legend Charles Barkley (image via Depositphotos)

A video clip of basketball great Charles Barkley speaking out in support of the LGBTQ community at an event at a Las Vegas resort has gone viral.

“If you are gay or transgender, I love you. And if anybody gives you sh*t, you tell em Charles says ‘f**k you!’”

From Audacy:

The famously outspoken Barkley, 59, has waded into political and social issues on numerous occasions throughout his career.

In recent years, he has expressed concern about the rise of sports gambling, ripped people who declined to get vaccinated, railed against the movement to defund police, and called out both major political parties for failing to improve the living conditions of impoverished minority communities, to name a few.

You may recall back in 2013, Barkley was very vocal in his support for NBA player Jason Collins, who was the first pro basketball player to come out while still active in the league.

And in 2104, Sir Barkley didn’t hold back  defending NFL player Michael Sam, who came out shortly before the NFL draft.

Those in the LGBTQ community have often found themselves closed off to sports spaces due to their gender or sexuality in what is considered to be a generally masculine hobby.

Having someone of the stature of Charles Barkley speak openly and directly in support of queer people is an awesome thing. When world-class athletes can can use their positions to uplift those in marginalized communities, it shows just how the influence of basketball can be used as a force for good.