CA Cafe Announces $5 ‘Cover Charge’ For Wearing Masks

A sign at Fiddleheads Cafe reads, "Throw your masks in our trash bin"
A sign posted at Fiddleheads Cafe in Northern California

A cafe in Mendocino, California, has announced it will charge a “cover charge” of $5 for those customers who place their order while wearing a face mask.

In March, the 34-year-old owner of Fiddleshead Cafe, Chris Castleman, began offering a 50% discount for folks who were willing to throw their masks in the trash.

From NBC News:

“It’s about time that the proponents of these ineffective government measures start paying for the collateral damage they have collectively caused,” the owner said.

The restaurant also planned to charge an additional $5 fee to those “caught bragging” about being vaccinated, according to a couple of the posted signs.

“The government shut everything down,” he said Friday. “Everyone wearing a mask is complicit.”

The cafe had previously posted a sign reading “Get your free COVID-19 vaccine card here.” The sign has since been removed.