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C-SPAN: Evan Wolfson Schools Anti-Gay Brian Brown On Same-Sex Marriage

From this past weekend, watch Freedom To Marry head Evan Wolfson calmly and methodically deconstruct all of hate group leader Brian Brown’s misleading lies and exaggerations against same-sex marriage in an hour-long call-in show on C-SPAN.

Best moment of the hour is at 43:00 – Wolfson calls out Brown for participating at the recent anti-gay Kremlin conference.

Wolfson: “Mr. Brown was in Russia, people can go and look it up, for something called the World Conference [Congress] Of Families, that endorsed a resolution calling on other countries to adopt the same kind of vicious, brutal, sweeping anti-gay law that Putin’s Russia just enacted that has launched a wave of thuggery and beatings in the street and discrimination against gay people in that country that is now seeking to export that kind of attack. That’s not about marriage. That’s about beating up and in some cases killing and licensing thuggery. Mr. Brown was part of that conference and that’s part of the work he is doing.”

Brown: “That’s absolutely wrong.”

Wolfson: “People can look it up. “

Brown: “His facts are absolutely wrong. All people can look up are Evan Wolfson’s and Human Rights Campaign’s absolute lies and slurs.”

Wolfson is excellent at staying on point and addressing the real concerns and issues regarding marriage equality.

Watch below.

(via JMG)