News Round-Up: September 25, 2020

Tom Goss in ‘Amsterdam’ (photo: Mark Nickels)

Some news items you might have missed:

JoeMyGod: In a money-beg email, virulently anti-LGBTQ Brian Brown solicits donations for his woeful National Organization for Marriage declaring conservatives should support Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court because “It will mean that religious liberty will be restored to its rightful place as a foundational constitutional right, and that the fake “rights” that are constantly demanded by the left – including special rules for homosexuals and the so-called transgendered – will no longer see the light of day.” Oh no, no hate there…

Out Music: The sensual music video for Tom Goss’s “Amsterdam,” is a beautifully shot wet and sexy romp. He wrote the song four years ago while in Holland, when he had a transformative sexual experience that still reverberates to this day. “It started in the shower,” recalls Goss. “We were kissing and holding each other tightly, with water pouring down over us. I had this overwhelming feeling of peace and acceptance of who I am, like I was being baptized in a whole new way.”

Reuters:A federal appeals court ruled in favor of allowing the House of Representatives’ lawsuit challenging Donald Trump’s diversion of funds to pay for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border to proceed.

KIT212: Check out Kenneth’s weekly round-up of the what’s what in LGBTQ publications like MetroWeekly featuring Ritchie Torres, who will likely become the first gay Afro-Latino elected to Congress.

AP: In the Midwest, the virus is now landing squarely in places where there is strong resistance to masks and governors have been reluctant to require face coverings. Oklahoma and Missouri are regularly recording 1,000 new cases a day, and Missouri Gov. Mike Parson [photo], a staunch opponent of mask rules, tested positive this week. Kansas and Iowa are also witnessing a spike in cases. And South Dakota and Idaho are seeing sky-high rates of tests coming back positive.

A Whopping 47 People – Including Babies – Attend Anti-LGBT “March For Marriage 2017”

(image via Beth Ethier/Twitter)

Remember when virulently anti-LGBT Brian Brown, of the ironically named National Organization for Marriage, used to draw a crowd?

Well, not anymore.

Check out the photos and tweets from this year’s “March for Marriage” in Washington D.C. today.

According to Beth Ehtier, who counted every attendee – “including babies!” – Brown got a sad 47 bodies to the event.

Snork! #gleefuldancing

ThinkProgress’ @ZackFord Covers The Sad Little #MarchForMarriage

NOM President Brian Brown Is “Outraged” Over Jim Obergefell’s Invite To State Of The Union Address

Virulently anti-gay Brian Brown, president of the ironically named National Organization for Marriage, is super-mad y’all.

Brown is upset (and begging for money) because Jim Obergefell will be sitting with the First Lady at tonight’s State of the Union address.

As you probably know, Obergefell was the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit that led to the historic marriage equality decision by SCOTUS last summer.

Via press release:

“It’s an outrage that President Obama is honoring the extermination of true marriage in our nation’s laws as a result of an anti-constitutional, illegitimate ruling of the US Supreme Court,” said Brian Brown, NOM’s president.

“President Obama is trying to honor something that is completely dishonorable because it strips from the law the truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and substitutes a fiction from the left that marriage can be anything you want it to be.”

I wasn’t aware that heterosexual marriage is now “exterminated?”

Of course, what he’s really mad about is his six-figure annual salary is about to go bye-bye.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Slaps Down Anti-Gay Brian Brown Over Marriage Equality & SCOTUS

In an effort to find some semblance of relevance in today’s world of marriage equality, virulently anti-gay Brian Brown (of the ironically-named National Organization for Marriage) made an appearance on Fox News last night to talk on Alabama state Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore’s feckless attempt to stop same-sex marriages in his state.

Of course, as we all know, last June the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was a right in this country, and thus making it possible for gay and lesbian couples everywhere in America to wed.

Grasping at straws, Brown tried to make an (illogical) legal case for Moore’s impertinence. The results – and response from experienced lawyer Megyn Kelly – were not exactly what Brown was hoping for.

From Mediaite:

Brown’s opening gambit was the fine legal thinking of Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee (imagine that wedding), which holds that Supreme Court rulings are more, like, guidelines. Kelly lost it a little when Brown said officials shouldn’t “kowtow” to the court (which might be NOM-speak for some kind of man-dairy animal union), then patiently tried to explain the legal concept codified in Marbury vs Madison.

That’s when Brown really stepped in it, telling attorney Megyn Kelly “I think you are misreading Marbury vs Madison.” If Megyn Kelly ever decides to return to practicing law, her new strategy should be to just make faces during opposing counsel’s argument. She’d win every case.

Maine: National Organization For Marriage Finally Files Donor List With Total Of Six Names

NOM president Brian Brown

After a five year legal battle, and paying a record $50,000 fine, the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage has finally handed over it’s donor list as ordered by the courts to the Maine Ethics Commission.

In 2009, the organization funneled over $2 million to the anti-gay Stand for Marriage Maine political action committee, which supported a referendum to overturn a same-sex marriage law passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Gov. Baldacci.

A later referendum in 2012 reinstated marriage equality.

NOM has tried to by-pass state campaign finance laws regarding the 2009 campaign, and has refused to file their donor list.

Until now. Having run out of options to avoid the inevitable, NOM has given up.

From the Bangor Daily News:

The donor list includes a mix of in- and out-of-state donors who gave NOM between $50,000 and $750,000 in individual donations. The largest donor was Sean Fieler of New York City, who is the president of Chiaroscuro Foundation and gave a total of $1.25 million.

The only donor listed from Maine was Richard Kurtz of Cape Elizabeth, who gave $50,000. There are only six names on the list, plus about $5,300 of “unitemized contributions.”

That’s quite the “national” organization, huh? Only SIX donors.

And only one from Maine.

Gee, Brian Brown, I can’t imagine why there were all those calls of “out of state interference.”

Haters Screaming For A Veto In Indiana Over RFRA “Fix”

The haters are losing their minds over the proposed “fix” for the Indiana state “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” because it deprives them of their true goal – which was to discriminate against LGBT folks.

From Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage (via email):

Stung by a furor of false accusations against the Indiana Religious Liberty Restoration Act, some Republican legislators are proposing to “fix” the law by stripping it of any chance to protect people of faith against being forced by law to participate in same-sex ‘marriage’ ceremonies that violate their deeply held religious beliefs. Worse, they are rewarding gay activists and celebrities like Miley Cyrus who intentionally and massively mischaracterized the legislation passed last week with expanded “anti-discrimination” provisions that will be used as a club by these same activists to punish people of faith for supporting biblical principles in the way they live their lives.

Russell Moore, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, recently tweeted: “This Indiana ‘compromise’ is a train wreck. It should be voted down.” This “fix” legislation must be defeated! It is like paying ransom to a kidnapper — a complete abandonment of principle in the face of political pressure from those bent on redefining marriage and imposing a radical agenda on the country. Please sign this petition immediately so that Governor Mike Pence and top Republican legislators realize that we will not stand for this abandonment of people of faith in order to reward the radical left who have grossly mischaracterized the Religious Liberty Restoration Act.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (via press release):

“On the eve of Good Friday, Big Business is encouraging elected leaders to take the silver over religious freedom.

“This new proposal guts the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and empowers the government to impose punishing fines on people for following their beliefs about marriage. Religious freedom should not be held hostage by Big Business. Big Business is now putting religious freedom in a worse place than before RFRA was signed into law.

“Gutting RFRA in this manner would put people of faith in the crosshairs of government discrimination as never before. Far from being a ‘clarification,’ this would gut religious freedom in Indiana. Religious freedom doesn’t need a ‘fix.’

“This proposal would force religious businesses and even nonprofits deemed ‘not religious enough’ to participate in wedding ceremonies contrary to their owners’ beliefs.

“If the government punishes people for living their faith, there are no limits to what government can control. We urge the governor to veto this measure that will be used by the government to bring financial ruin on people like florist Barronelle Stutzman, bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein, and wedding photographer Elaine Huguenin.”

Would You Give Money To An Idiot?

It’s fascinating to read this email from Brian Brown of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, where he begs for money to keep funding his losing fight against same-sex marriage.

It’s honestly like he’s become an out of touch idiot. From today’s email:

“Support for same-sex marriage has dropped over the past year by six percentage points, while opposition has increased. In fact, more voters are opposed to same-sex ‘marriage’ (44%) than are in favor of it (42%).

“This dramatic change in public opinion comes as activist judges throughout the country have been working overtime to redefine marriage in direct opposition to the decision of over fifty million voters.

“While the media seems utterly baffled by these findings — unable to process them and therefore report on them — we are not surprised in the least.

“Please make plans for joining us for the March for Marriage this year as we make the case for marriage. Three days after the justices of the Supreme Court see the outpouring of support for marriage, they will hear oral argument in the case that could shape the legal definition of marriage in America for years to come.

“In the mean time, please consider making a generous donation to support our efforts to organize and promote this critical event. We have a great deal of work to do and nobody to turn to for help except for loyal supporters like you.”

As the rest of the world knows – support for marriage equality has seen a sharp increase over the past few years. That is a fact.

A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll (not some fly-by-night outfit) showed support rising to 59% for same-sex marriage. A fact Brian Brown simply chooses to ignore.

Brian Brown Praises Alabama State Supreme Court For Halting Same-Sex Marriage

Hate group leader Brian Brown

In a blog post for the National Organization for Marriage, president Brian Brown praised the Alabama State Supreme Court for halting same-sex marriage.

“We praise the justices of the Alabama Supreme Court who have ruled in overwhelming fashion that the laws of Alabama defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman must be followed by state officials.”

“A single federal judge does not have the authority to force a state to redefine marriage and it’s high time that out of control judges were put in their place. We call on other states to similarly order their state’s officials to enforce state marriage laws.”

In light of the Tuesday ruling from the state Supreme Court, the Mobile County Probate Court has decided they would not be issuing any marriage licenses — to same-sex couples or otherwise — while they review the state Supreme Court’s decision.

NOM’s Brian Brown Sends Greetings From Alternate Universe

Brian Brown, of the anti-gay hate group National Organization for Marriage, posts on his group’s NOM Blog today about the “Top Headlines of 2014” in which he seems to conclude that his anti-marriage equality movement is somehow thriving:

We live in a time when those who wish to redefine marriage and their sycophants in the media miss no opportunity to tell us that the battle is essentially over, that history is on their side and that the views of the citizens have changed. This is a future that these activists hope for, but it is decidedly not the future they will encounter. The reason we know this is because whenever they put their version of the future to the test, it is rejected by the American people.

I am encouraged by the victories and the bright moments of the past twelve months as we head into 2015, because they remind me that the cause of marriage is still very much alive, and we have good reason to hope for even more successes in the new year!

With that reminder then, please accept my wishes for a happy and blessed new year for you and your family, and my thanks for continuing to work with NOM to defend marriage and family in 2015!

I’ll remind readers that the pro-same-sex marriage folks won almost 50 legal battles in 2014 while Brian Brown and his ilk saw perhaps 2 wins in their column.

“Even more successes” indeed…