Documentary Trailer: “The Freedom To Marry”

The award winning LGBT documentary, The Freedom To Marry, gets a limited release in theaters with screenings in New York (March 3rd at the Village East) and in Los Angeles March 10th (at the Laemmle Monica).

The film follows the decades long work of true LGBT heroes Evan Wolfson (Founder/President, Freedom to Marry), Mary Bonauto (Civil Rights Attorney, GLAD) and Marc Solomon (National Campaign Director, Freedom to Marry).

Via press release:

One of the most surprising things about the same sex marriage movement is that it was carefully planned and orchestrated over decades. THE FREEDOM TO MARRY is an intimate and epic documentary that goes behind-the-scenes to reveal the inner workings and key players of this historic civil rights battle. This is a riveting ride alongside Evan Wolfson, the man known as architect of the movement, civil rights attorney Mary Bonauto, and their colleagues as they wage their climactic battle before the United States Supreme Court.

THE FREEDOM TO MARRY offers perspective not just on one movement’s history – but on how regular people can only fight back, even against incredible odds. This is a unique and timely story of how beleaguered underdogs actually can win.

More info about the film at the official website here, and you can watch the trailer below:

New York Post Praises Evan Wolfson & Freedom To Marry

In light of Freedom To Marry‘s decision to “close up shop” now that marriage equality is the law of the land, New York Post gives praise to Evan Wolfson and company for moving on now that they’ve accomplished their mission:

In a rarity for any US advocacy group, Freedom to Marry is closing up shop “simply” because it won.

The move is applause-worthy because it’s so rare for any “public interest” lobby. Most outfits just find some new cause to justify keeping the money rolling in.

“We achieved the goal we set out to do,” said Evan Wolfson, Freedom to Marry’s founder and president, when the Supreme Court ruled last month that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to get married.

Instead of becoming “an organization that flails around and figures out what to do next,” Wolfson will help the group’s 30 or so employees find other “good-guy causes” to work on.

Most of the staff will be gone by December, he figures, with a few left to finally turn out the lights in February.

Freedom to Marry has the class to roll the credits once the “hero” has won.

Here’s hoping it starts a trend.

It should be noted that the New York Post is owned by arch-conservative Rupert Murdoch, making the tip of the hat that much more of a surprise.

Quote Of The Day: Evan Wolfson

Freedom To Marry‘s Evan Wolfson to Washington Post reporter Jonathan Capehart on why same-sex marriage will prevail at the U.S. Supreme Court:

“The bottom line answer to your question is that while states regulate marriage, they do so under the Constitution. There is a floor below which the states may not go, and that floor is the Constitution’s guarantee of the freedom to marry and equal protection under the law.”

“Loving v. Virginia and other important freedom to marry cases have affirmed both of those guarantees, the very guarantees nearly 60 state and federal courts have invoked in the waves of rulings in favor of the exclusion of gay couples from marriage.”

C-SPAN: Evan Wolfson Schools Anti-Gay Brian Brown On Same-Sex Marriage

From this past weekend, watch Freedom To Marry head Evan Wolfson calmly and methodically deconstruct all of hate group leader Brian Brown’s misleading lies and exaggerations against same-sex marriage in an hour-long call-in show on C-SPAN.

Best moment of the hour is at 43:00 – Wolfson calls out Brown for participating at the recent anti-gay Kremlin conference.

Wolfson: “Mr. Brown was in Russia, people can go and look it up, for something called the World Conference [Congress] Of Families, that endorsed a resolution calling on other countries to adopt the same kind of vicious, brutal, sweeping anti-gay law that Putin’s Russia just enacted that has launched a wave of thuggery and beatings in the street and discrimination against gay people in that country that is now seeking to export that kind of attack. That’s not about marriage. That’s about beating up and in some cases killing and licensing thuggery. Mr. Brown was part of that conference and that’s part of the work he is doing.”

Brown: “That’s absolutely wrong.”

Wolfson: “People can look it up. “

Brown: “His facts are absolutely wrong. All people can look up are Evan Wolfson’s and Human Rights Campaign’s absolute lies and slurs.”

Wolfson is excellent at staying on point and addressing the real concerns and issues regarding marriage equality.

Watch below.

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Evan Wolfson’s truth trumps Tony Perkins’ packaged talking points

On Face The Nation this morning, a round table was held discussing the upcoming oral arguments to be held at the US Supreme Court on same-sex marriage.

Watch the full discussion above where Tony Perkins, of the certified hate group Family Research Council, tries to repeat and repeat his long practiced scare tactics about marriage equality while Evan Wolfson puts the facts about equality on the table.

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Quote of the day: Evan Wolfson for Freedom To Marry

“With France and Britain poised to become the next countries to embrace
the freedom to marry, it’s clear that the momentum we see here in the
United States for ending marriage discrimination is, in fact, a global
movement toward greater freedom and equality for all – and the U.S.
should be leading, not lagging.

“America cannot afford to fall behind its
closest allies and trade partners in this global economy, and needs to
do right by its families, as a right-of-center British prime minister
and left-of-center French president have called on their parliaments to
do, with resounding success.” – Freedom To Marry head Evan Wolfson, in a
press release noting this week’s victories in Britain and France.