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Broadway/YouTube Star Todrick Hall Goes On Epic Breakup Rant To His Million+ Instagram Fans

Todrick Hall (via Instagram)

Back in the day, when a boyfriend cheated on you, you would break up and then call your besties to tell the sad tale.

But in today’s world of social media, some folks tell the WORLD.

Todrick Hall first garnered national attention in 2010 as a contestant on American Idol, and has gone on to release two studio albums, develop a YouTube channel which has almost 3 million subscribers, star on Broadway in Kinky Boots and Chicago the Musical as well as appear on RuPaul’s Drag Race as a judge and choreographer.

Todrick took to social media last night to read his newly-kicked-to-the-curb ex-boyfriend for filth on his Instagram story in an epic rant.

He began by sharing his new rules for applying for the position of “boyfriend” with his 1.2 million followers.

The first ‘new rule’ is something sensible, like needing someone to be able to express themselves in a mature manner and not “hold in their feelings.”

From there, things escalate.

The next ‘new rule’ reads “Must not come on tour with me, meet other guys, start sleeping with them and give them comp tickets to my show particularly on days when I’m burying my relatives.”


And Todrick is just getting started.

“Must not lie to me about what they’re doing when they’re sleeping with me when they’re new secret side fling isn’t around.”

Rule number 5 reads, “Must not allow me to fly them all over the world so that they can do jobs and make money while sneaking away multiple times to go “not hang out with their ex” while he’s conveniently in town and then crawl back into the house looking shady and guilty as f**k at 6 am.”

After several more ‘new rules,’ Todrick goes into full-on burn mode addressing the ex directly saying “you used me, made me feel like sh*t.”

The actor/singer/dancer tells the ex, “It is taking everything in me to not go Kim Chi on a b*tch and just post, tag and blast your shady ass you little b*tch.”

He quickly adds, “But give me one reason, ONE REASON and I will annihilate you.”

There was much more after that as Todrick posted pics of the former bf labeling him “liar” and more.

The 33-year-old YouTube star closed by sharing that he’s “legit shaking,” adding “I haven’t been this pissed in over a decade.”

He also shares that while he’s usually a ‘high road’ kind of guy, “I have to stand up for myself this time and say how I truly feel.”

I’d say mission accomplished.

The lesson of the day? Do not cheat on Mr. Todrick Hall.

He will not suffer fools lightly.

An industrious YouTuber put the entire rant into one video. You can watch it all unfold below.

(h/t Gay Star News)