Bowen Yang’s “Jafar” Skewers Ron ‘The Boy’ DeSantis

Bowen Yang's hilarious turn as the villainous "Jafar" from Disney's Aladdin on this weekend's SNL Weekend Update.
Bowen Yang as “Jafar” (screen capture)

In case you missed it, you really must check out Bowen Yang’s hilarious turn as the villainous “Jafar” from Disney’s Aladdin on this weekend’s SNL Weekend Update.

Not only does the Disney villain come out in the sketch, but “Jafar” delightfully skewers anti-LGBTQ+ Florida Governor Ron “The Boy” DeSantis.

Considering whether the Sunshine State’s governor is worthy of the title ‘villain,’ “Jafar” is NOT impressed: “The boy’s an amateur. He has no rizz, no spark, no drip. The look is giving ‘Baby Mayor.'”

After a few well-dropped laugh lines, “Jafar” sashays right out of the closet: “Did my John Waters ‘stache not tip you off? Of course I’m gay, you petulant fool! My waist is snatched, my eye-liner on point, and my final form is a “yoked” genie with gorgeous nails and a high micro-pony!”

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Watch below. The laughs keep coming. And btw – you can stream current full episodes of SNL at