Billy Porter Brings Next Level Red Carpet Fashion, Wins The Oscars Before They Even Begin

Billy Porter at the 2019 Academy Awards

Before the Academy Awards even started, Pose star Billy Porter has won the red carpet.

Porter stopped traffic on the red carpet wearing a tear-away velvet tux-gown by Christian Sirano.

When Vogue is talking about you, you know you’ve arrived. Porter was trending on Twitter for well over an hour thanks to his fashion sense.

Porter has rocked the red carpet throughout this awards season.

At the Golden Globes, Porter donned a tailored suit and pink cape. He showed up at the American Film Institute Luncheon sporting a goldenrod gown paired with a matching blazer and head scarf.

“One of the things I’ve realized is that I’ve always had a gender-fluid sensibility with clothes, and it was so squashed by homophobia,” he shared with the New York Times earlier this year.

“Show business likes to masquerade as being inclusive and diverse,” said Porter, criticizing some fashion house’s traditionalism. “When we ask the houses for male and female clothes, we get the response, ‘We don’t think you should be wearing that.’”

Porter was also named Men’s Ambassador for New York Fashion Week in February.

“I find the younger talent to be much more open to experimentation and gender fluidity,” said the Tony Award winner to WWD. “I’m interested in connecting with designers who I can collaborate with.”