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“Behind the scenes” from CHICAGO the Musical at Hollywood Bowl – part 2

I got a few emails about more pics from CHICAGO the Musical I’m doing at the Hollywood Bowl, so thought I’d oblige 🙂
We all jumped in to pose with our director Brooke Shields, who clearly gets the CHICAGO thing.  Having starred as “Roxie” on Broadway and in the West End, we all knew she understood the animal that is “CHICAGO.”  But being “in the room” with her is really a dream.  She has very clear ideas about acting beats, style and pace, and the arc of the show but doesn’t hinder her actors from exploring.  I think she’s just fab.  And so does the whole company. 
I haven’t gone all ‘fan-boy’ on her yet – I’m holding back on embarrassing myself so far. But it’s waaay cool to be working with her.  I think the pic speaks for itself. What a great star.

And while I’m talking “fan-boy” – I’m all “fan-boy” for this entire cast.  What a group of talent to be working with.  I’m seriously inspired to keep up.  Strength, smiles, spirit and passion all around.

Shiny, happy people with our choreographer, Greg Butler (center of this pic).  Greg is doing a great job staging the show in the HUGE space that is the Hollywood Bowl.  The ONLY thing that’s bad about this pic is you don’t get a sense of the amazing work of art his body is. 
Check out this pic from Greg’s days on the “Broad-Way” with CHICAGO.  Yeah, I know; and he can act, sing and dance, too…

Here are a few more from the past couple of days:

Brooke Shields introduces the cast before we perform a couple of numbers for the press:

Stephen Moyer and Ashlee Simpson bamboozle the press in “We Both Reached for the Gun”

Chris Holly was in the first company of CHICAGO I ever did back in
He went on to the Broadway company of the show (and many other
Bway shows, too…).
This is from the Courtroom scene he plays as “Fred
Casely” with Ashlee Simpson.

And this is where this extravaganza will be performed. How about this for a big stage?