“CHICAGO at the Hollywood Bowl” wins Broadway World “Best Special Theatre Event” Award

Last summer, I was flattered and thrilled to be asked to step back into CHICAGO the Musical (which I was fortunate to perform in on Broadway, National and International companies) at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

It was a fun, fast and fantastic experience to be onstage again in a show I always loved being a part of.

Today it was announced that the production of CHICAGO the Musical at the Hollywood Bowl won a Broadway World Award for “Best Special Theatre Event.”

Congrats to the whole cast, crew and especially Gregory Butler who handled the choreographic duties and Brooke Shields who directed the production with insight and professionalism.

You can check out some “behind the scenes” blog posts from the rehearsal period here, here, here, here and here.

The experience was one of the very best of my career onstage.  Everyone was great to work with – some old friends, some new.

Glad to see this chapter close on such a high note.

Hollywood Bowl cast of CHICAGO the Musical with the fab Brooke Shields

Today in TV History: Brooke Shields and her Calvin Klein jeans

CBS banned a commercial in 1980 featuring then 15-year-old Brooke Shields in tight Calvin Klein jeans, who sat in a suggestive pose and delivered the famous line, “Do you know what comes between me and my Calvin’s? Nothing.”

The ad was so provocative for its time that the network refused to broadcast it.

I worked with Brooke this past summer and discovered what a terrific sense of humor she has.  Going back to look at many of her CK commercials now, it’s easy to see why she is so successful in her career.  Besides the obvious beauty, her quirky humor is always present 🙂

(tipped by Evan)

Video: Interviews and dancing from CHICAGO the Musical at the Hollywood Bowl

A sneak peak at rehearsal’s and one-one-one cast and creative team interviews for The Hollywood Bowl’s production of CHICAGO.

Brooke Shields, Stephen Moyer, Ashlee Simpson, Samantha Barks, Lucy Lawless all give interviews to Broadway World about this weekend’s performances at the Bowl.

Plus, there are a few short clips of a couple of the production numbers from the show. Hit around the 18 minute mark for Brooke Shields and some “All That Jazz” footage.

Yes, you can see a bit of me in there 🙂

From BroadwayWorld

“Behind the scenes” from CHICAGO the Musical at Hollywood Bowl – part 2

I got a few emails about more pics from CHICAGO the Musical I’m doing at the Hollywood Bowl, so thought I’d oblige 🙂
We all jumped in to pose with our director Brooke Shields, who clearly gets the CHICAGO thing.  Having starred as “Roxie” on Broadway and in the West End, we all knew she understood the animal that is “CHICAGO.”  But being “in the room” with her is really a dream.  She has very clear ideas about acting beats, style and pace, and the arc of the show but doesn’t hinder her actors from exploring.  I think she’s just fab.  And so does the whole company. 
I haven’t gone all ‘fan-boy’ on her yet – I’m holding back on embarrassing myself so far. But it’s waaay cool to be working with her.  I think the pic speaks for itself. What a great star.

And while I’m talking “fan-boy” – I’m all “fan-boy” for this entire cast.  What a group of talent to be working with.  I’m seriously inspired to keep up.  Strength, smiles, spirit and passion all around.

Shiny, happy people with our choreographer, Greg Butler (center of this pic).  Greg is doing a great job staging the show in the HUGE space that is the Hollywood Bowl.  The ONLY thing that’s bad about this pic is you don’t get a sense of the amazing work of art his body is. 
Check out this pic from Greg’s days on the “Broad-Way” with CHICAGO.  Yeah, I know; and he can act, sing and dance, too…

Here are a few more from the past couple of days:

Brooke Shields introduces the cast before we perform a couple of numbers for the press:

Stephen Moyer and Ashlee Simpson bamboozle the press in “We Both Reached for the Gun”

Chris Holly was in the first company of CHICAGO I ever did back in
He went on to the Broadway company of the show (and many other
Bway shows, too…).
This is from the Courtroom scene he plays as “Fred
Casely” with Ashlee Simpson.

And this is where this extravaganza will be performed. How about this for a big stage?

Brooke Shields La-Z-Boy commercial

Since I posted a commercial that Brooke Shields pointed out to me yesterday, I thought I’d post one of her commercials for La-Z-Boy.

She mentioned this one yesterday so here we go…

p.s. I’m very happy to report that Brooke is an absolute doll to work with. She couldn’t be warmer, friendlier or more fun to work with. Very respectful of everyone in the cast. It’s uber-cool to be working with Brooke.