Barcelona Beachtime + More InstaHunks

Michael Adamas, Austin Wolf and more in this edition of InstaHunk Round-Up
Michael Adamas (via Instagram)

Sharing some favorite Instagram posts of the week beginning with Michael Adamas enjoying the summer vibes of Barcelona:

Sterling Walker found a gorgeous view of Los Angeles:

“Buff in blue” Austin Wolf explored the beaches of Provincetown:

Nico Greetham shared behind the scenes pics from the set of American Horror Stories:

Coffee or not, Shomari Francis has an infectious smile:

Brock O’Hurn shaved for the first time in years:

Okkar Min Maung took a walk on NYC’s east side:

Bruno Baba made a big splash:

Matteo took a shower outside in Italy:

Ken XY and DJ Kidd shared a dreamy summer moment:

GayUncleMario served up this heaping helping of gay memes (be sure to swipe):

Wilson Cruz was happy to be home in New York City:

Hunter Harden got his Xanadu on:

Amaya Jameal is grateful for 39 trips around the sun: