Assholery Of The Week: Anti-Masker In First Class

Self-proclaimed "truth-teller" and "critical thinker" Steve Kirsch shared with the Twitterverse his harassment of a woman wearing a face mask on a recent flight.
Note the expression of the woman on left side of the photo

Self-proclaimed “truth-teller” and “critical thinker” Steve Kirsch shared with the Twitterverse his harassment of a woman wearing a face mask on a recent flight.

Kirsch is a tech millionaire who helped fund research testing the covid-fighting powers of drugs that are already FDA-approved for other diseases…like hydroxchloroquine. But he reportedly got mad when the research he helped fund found no benefit to using the medication.

He also claims COVID vaccines are “toxic” and “kill more people than they save.” In fact, the entire scientific advisory board of his Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund resigned after his less-than-scientific antics.

In his tweet, Kirsch wrote, “I am on board a Delta flight right now. The person sitting next to me in first class refused $100,000 to remove her mask for the entire flight. No joke. This was after I explained they don’t work. She works for a pharma company.”

Not sure why he felt the need to include the fact that he was in first class, but it does seem to align with the smug selfie he included for his followers benefit. I do think the expression of the woman on the left of the photo adds appropriate commentary to the situation.

Kirsch mentions that he “explained” to the woman that face masks don’t work. That must be why doctors and nurses wear them all day, I guess.

Plus, the POINT of the mask isn’t so much to protect the wearer but the people around the person wearing the mask.

Kirsch also shares that he “started the bidding at $100.” So, his badgering of this woman went on for a bit. In subsequent tweets, he chronicles how he hounded the woman after she pulled her mask down to take a bite of food.

The thing I don’t get about folks who don’t want to wear face masks (“because they shouldn’t be forced to do so”) is WHY do they feel the need to indoctrinate other adult individuals into their way of thinking?

I realize lots of people are DONE with COVID. And they’re done with face masks – it’s been almost a year since the face mask requirement on flights was dropped. I understand if you got your vaccination, feel comfortable that the air in a plane is super-filtered, so you feel safer about ditching the mask.

But if someone wants to wear a damn face mask, why harass them?

p.s. just a bit of anecdotal info – a good friend of mine returned home from a business trip yesterday. He texted me he wasn’t feeling great after a week at a huge business conference. An hour later he texted me pics of his positive COVID tests. #ItsNotDoneWithUs

The Twitterverse had some thoughts on Kirsch’s behavior: