Armie Hammer Breaks His Silence + More News

Armie Hammer Breaks His Silence + More News
Armie Hammer

Some news items you might have missed:

OUT: Armie Hammer has spoken out for the first time since he was accused of sexual abuse, harassment, and inappropriate behavior toward several women two years ago. The actor also says that he was sexually abused by a youth pastor when he was 13 years old.

The Advocate: So-called feminine-acting men face discrimination from not only heterosexual male peers but also gay men, according to a new study from the University of Sydney in Australia.

Instinct Magazine: Out footballer Jake Williamson recently opened up about growing up gay, and experiencing homophobia from his own team after he came out.

Justice Department: Daniela Rendon, 31, of Miami has been charged with fraudulently obtaining $381,000 in COVID-19 relief loans and grants. She allegedly used the funds to lease a 2021 Bentley Bentayga, rent a luxury apartment, pay for cosmetic procedures, and refinish her designer shoes.

Armie Hammer Breaks His Silence + More News
Daniela Rendon (via Instagram)

CNN: A ‘flash poll’ conducted after last night’s State of the Union address showed 72% of Americans who watched had a positive reaction to the speech, and 71% of speech watchers said they felt the policies Biden proposed would move the country in the right direction.

Axios: President Biden veered off script during his State of the Union address to take on rowdy Republicans last night. The result? Getting Republicans to agree with his push to protect Medicare and Social Security as Congress weighs budget cuts.