Armed Militia Extremists Protest San Antonio Holiday Drag Show

Armed protesters and counter-protesters faced off in San Antonio over an all-ages holiday drag show at the Aztec Theatre.
(screen capture via Twitter)

Protesters and counter-protesters faced off in San Antonio last night over an all-ages holiday drag show at the Aztec Theatre as both groups mostly stuck to their side of St. Mary’s Street in downtown San Antonio.

From San Antonio Report:

About 40 protesters, some with the group This is Texas Freedom Force, which the FBI labeled “an extremist militia group” after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, stood across St. Mary’s from the theater. Fewer than five appeared to be armed. They have said they came to protest the all-ages drag show because it is inappropriate for children.

On Tuesday night some protesters could be heard shouting “pedophile!” and “groomer!” at the colorful crowd of counterprotesters and patrons lined up to go inside the theater.

Shouts came from the other side: “The groomers are in your churches!”

The show, “A Drag Queen Christmas,” features at least one reference to alcohol, but does not include any nudity or sexually explicit acts, according to promotional material and videos of previous performances posted online.

According to reports, there were no incidents of violence, no scuffles, no arrests, and the drag show went on without interruption.

It shouldn’t surprise you that the San Antonio chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans showed up to stand alongside the haters.

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