Ann Coulter On Mike Pence Veep Pick: “Pence Is The Combo-Platter Of Disaster”

Ann Coulter has heard the rumors that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will soon be Donald Trump’s pick for running mate, and she’s going apoplectic over the idea.

From her Facebook page:

Report: Trump about to make first mistake in VP pick, as predicted by Ann Coulter, July 6, 2016


I won’t believe it, until I hear it from the Trump’s mouth.

Pence is the combo-platter of disaster. He’s all in for corporate America bringing in as many guest workers as they please to replace American workers, tried to sell the monster amnesty as a “compromise bill.” (How about this compromise: We start with a wall…)

He also somehow managed to tick off both sides in gay marriage debate. After his state passed a law passed protecting Christians from having to participate in gay marriages, all hell broke loose. Pence thought to himself: ‘I have semi heading for me. Should I just stand here? Yes, I think I’ll just stand here!’ First, he allowed himself to be portrayed as a right-wing homophobic nut and then — just days later — he sold out to the left-wing activists, anyway.