Andy Cohen On Being The Only Openly Gay Late Night Talk Show Host

Andy Cohen (pic via Instagram)

In an interview with Mic, Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen is asked about his experience with LGBT media. Apparently, Andy reads the Comments sections…

I think they’ve been fine. Any time there’s ever been an article about me on any gay sites the comments are always just the meanest you can imagine… but that might be par for the course. I’m proud to be the only openly gay late-night talk show host.

I’m now going into my eighth year of this so whether gay people like that or they don’t like it, I do know that there are young gay men across the country who maybe come to my book signings or have dinner with my mom and say “it’s touched me that I’ve been able to see a gay guy in late night.” So ultimately I can’t get too invested in what the comments say or what the gay media says because if there can be kids watching and thinking “oh wow, look, that guy is gay and he has this show and everything seems okay with him” then that should be the important thing.

Cohen also defended the diversity (or lack thereof) in Logo’s upcoming Fire Island reality TV show:

If it were the only show about gay people on television then maybe that would be a topic of conversation, but we live in 2017, and there are gay people of every shape and size on many different shows. Have you ever been to Fire Island? It’s pretty white and chiseled. That’s what it largely looks like there. If we went somewhere else, it would probably look different. I think we should be happy with having another representation of ourselves on television. Maybe people should look at the how before they start protesting it.

Check out the full interview over at Mic.