LGBTQ Actors & Stories Honored At Critics Choice Awards + More News

LGBTQ Actors & Stories Honored At Critics Choice Awards + More News

Some news items you might have missed:

The Advocate: Last night’s Critics’ Choice Awards honored queer actors like Janelle Monáe and Niecy Nash with major awards, and recognized LGBTQ+ film and television shows such as Tár, Hacks, The Whale, and Everything Everywhere All At Once.

The Daily Beast: Admitted liar Rep. George Santos (R-NY) criticized young people’s work ethic in a 2020 podcast appearance claiming, “I put myself through college and got an MBA from NYU and I have zero debt. …I hate looking at youth today and seeing them sitting on their behinds.” p.s. Santos never attended NYC and does not have an MBA from the school.

The Telegraph: A law to ban all conversion therapy in the UK could be announced as soon as Monday. Previous Prime Minister Boris Johnson had vowed to ban homosexual conversion therapy but not transgender conversion therapy.

MSNBC: Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy admitted today that he “always had a few questions” about George Santos’ resume. No word yet on why he didn’t ask them.

Yahoo News: Brazilians are just now learning former President Jair Bolsonaro spent more than $5 million in credit card expenditures including $10,700 spent at a bakery in a single day.  Bolsonaro told his people he “never charged a single penny.”

The Guardian: PC David Carrick, an elite Metropolitan police officer in the UK, has admitted to 49 charges of sexual assault over 17 years. He reportedly exploited his position as an officer to threaten victims. Met police say they are “truly sorry” for ignoring 9 previous reports against Carrick.