2013: Happy Valentine’s Day, Michael

2013: Happy Valentine’s Day, Michael
Me with hot hubby Michael

So, it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m thinking “what can I do to celebrate Valentine’s Day when Michael and I are in different states?”

Regular readers of The Randy Report know a bit about Michael, my better half. Thought I’d share a bit more as I say “Happy Valentine’s Day.”  If you’re not a regular reader, Michael is the good looking one in all the pics.

So, here’s a short slideshow of “life with Michael.”

Eighteen years in and it’s not about flowers, candy or any of that. It’s about life, our fabulous dogs, our friends, travel,… It’s about all that, but mostly it’s about us. Together.

Here’s a collection of photos of Michael and I with each other, with the kids, from our marriage ceremonies in Toronto & Palm Springs, and traveling – with special thanks to our friends Jim Brickman and Olivia Newton-John for their gorgeous “Valentine.”

Congrats to us! Eighteen years young!

And yes – I did slip one more picture of super dog Bruno in near the end.  How could I not?