New Music: Zola Simone “Unsaid”

Zola Simone releases her latest single "Unsaid"
Zola Simone (image via official website)

Pop singer and songwriter Zola Simone  recently released her latest single, “Unsaid,” in advance of her upcoming EP, Flower, scheduled for release on September 30.

“Unsaid is about passion and walking the line between lust and love at the beginning of a relationship,” says Zola on the new song. “It’s about becoming so connected to someone that you don’t need words to communicate.”

For the 19-year old singer-songwriter, music is much more than just a passion; it’s a way to make sense of the world and move through the ever-changing conditions of life. Her unique and refreshing sound that blends indie, pop, and R&B matched with her raw, vulnerable, and honest lyrics is what sets her apart from many of her peers.

Simone’s music manages to traverse the challenging terrain of being both deeply personal and undeniably relatable.

Zola previously released the song and music video for the euphoric “What It Feels Like.”

Simone’s first full-length album, Now You See Me, released in August 2021, has amassed over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify and her single “Easy” was featured in the season finale of the Netflix original series, Atypical.

“Easy” also won Song of the Year at the 2021 Boston Music Awards, where Simone, nominated in four categories including Pop Artist of The Year and Album of The Year, also took home the prize for New Artist of the Year.

The upcoming EP, Flower, an EP tells the story of the different stages of a relationship through five songs. Simone sees the life cycle of a flower as a metaphor for a relationship; it buds, blooms, wilts and, sometimes, it dies.

“We buy flowers knowing that someday they may wilt and die, but we care for them and love them anyway,” says Simone. “We enter relationships knowing they may end, but we put in the effort and love in spite of the risk of loss.”

“This project is a testament to the human condition; love, loss, and why we do ‘it’ anyway.”

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