Out Music: New From Zola Simone ‘Now You See Me’

Zola Simone releases her new album 'Now You See Me'

Singer-songwriter Zola Simone releases her new album, Now You See Me, along with the music video for her single, “Sideways.”

Simone takes listeners on a journey throughout the album as she explores enduring themes of self-exploration and growth. Tapping into vulnerability and vivid storytelling, Simone’s unfiltered authenticity is undeniable. Continue reading “Out Music: New From Zola Simone ‘Now You See Me’”

Out Music: Zola Simone ‘Iridescent’

The new single from Zola Simone 'Iridescent'

The new single from Zola Simone 'Iridescent'

The latest single from Boston-based indie artist Zola Simone, “Iridescent,” captures the 360 degrees of emotion that can flood young love and the wistful, lighter-than-air feeling when vulnerability gives way to ineffable passion.

The music video echoes the ebb and flow of the indie guitar track as Simone allows herself to daydream about a love that might (or might not) come to fruition.

“There are some shots which we did on super 8 which are supposed to show my (the main character’s) idealistic daydreams of what their relationship could be,” says Simone. “Lots of yearning. Guess that’s part of my brand now!”

(screen capture from ‘Iridescent’)

The 18-year-old owes her initial interest in music to her parents. After writing her first real song at the age of 12, Simone has only been improving her style and writing abilities.

As an LGBTQ+ woman, she is no stranger to judgment overcoming her struggles with anxiety and bullying through her music. Having built a fan-base in the New England area, she’s already sold out her first concert as a headliner at The Burren in Somerville, MA.

Zola Simone’s upcoming album, Now You See Me, set to drop later this year, has been teased as being a genre-hopping compilation of songs that maintain a fine line of diverse cohesion.

Follow Simone on her journey via Instagram here. “Iridescent” is available to download/stream on all major digital platforms.

Zola Simone (image via TrendPR)