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Zales & Kay Jewelers Announce Two Virtual Pride Events Benefiting GLAAD

KAY Jewelers and Zales will be kicking off two very special PRIDE virtual events this week to stand on the side of love and equality. As part of these initiatives, they will be donating to GLAAD, an organization dedicated to accelerating LGBTQ+ acceptance.

First, since ‘every kiss begins with KAY,’ on National Kiss Day – celebrated annually on June 22nd – KAY Jewelers wants that kiss to stand for equality, inclusion and PRIDE.

Often members of the LGBTQ+ community feel uncomfortable expressing their love in public. KAY Jewelers is encouraging friends, advocates and members of the LGBTQ+ community to share a kiss with their partner or loved one using the hashtag #EveryKiss.

With this campaign, KAY wants to proudly stand on the side of love with the goal of reaching over a million kisses online!

To participate, on Monday, June 22, post a photo of yourself to your social media feed using #EveryKiss and geotag your location. The kisses will then be collected and featured on Kay’s social media channels to promote love and pride around the US!

Additionally, in an effort to promote inclusiveness and coming together, Zales will be hosting a virtual Pride Parade on Instagram calling on influencers and allies of the LGBTQ+ movement alike to participate and show their love and support.

Zales wants to remind people that although we may have to celebrate apart, when it comes to PRIDE, we are always together.

To participate, record a video of yourself on Instagram parading from left to right on the screen as if you were walking in a Pride parade. Post the video by June 28th using the hashtag #PrideTogether and geotag your location. Zales will then string together the individual pride marches so it seems like one seamless digital pride parade happening across the country!

On Pride Sunday, June 28th, the digital Pride parade will air live on Instagram for everyone to enjoy and celebrate from the comfort and safety of their homes! Stay tuned for some surprise guests to emcee the event!